Victoria Mutual Property Services is your go-to partner once you’re ready to buy, sell, lease or rent a home or commercial property. We’ll also take care of your valuations so you get the best value, and property management so you’ll maintain it. For most of us, our home and our business places are at the centre of our lives, they’re where we grow together, and where memories are made and kept, so we work with you to ensure they’re the right fit – and investment – for you

Our Services

  • Real Estate Sales & Rentals
    VMPS, one of Jamaica’s leading real estate brokers, has a team of highly qualified,...
  • Property Valuations
    Your home is one of your biggest investments and often forms the foundation for many...
  • Property Management
    We provide expert property management services for commercial properties and residential...
  • Project Management
    VMPS offers construction and technical project management services for commercial...

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