5 Important Topics to Discuss with Your Real Estate Agent

Whether you are going through the exciting experience of purchasing your first house or you are adding another property to your portfolio, it is imperative that you sit with your Real Estate Agent and discuss the needs and wants for your new house.

    • Is your passion cooking for your family? How much room do you need for your kids? How many vehicles do your family own? These are just some of the factors to be considered when determining the house that is most appropriate for you.
    • Developing a list of things you cannot live without is one of the most important discussions you can have with your real estate agent before starting the search for your home.
    • Declare your budget in your first discussion with your Real Estate Agent. Define your budget parameters quickly and early. Focus your home search to particular segments of the market based on desirability and affordability. Your VMPS Realtor will expose you to a widest range of property options available.
    • If you have children, then the access to quality schools become a crucial factor in your choice of home. Will your new neighbourhood accommodate your family pets or hobbies? Are you near to shopping centres, hospitals, police, fire and ambulance services?  Include your local amenities needs list in the discussion with your broker to ensure that he/she has a full appreciation of your needs.
    • Think about access to your new home, do you own a vehicle or will you be utilizing public transportation. If so, how easy is it to commute? Will your children be able to commute safely and easily? How will your home’s location affect your length and cost of travel to and from work?
    • Consider carefully your access to and from your new home and how it will affect your lifestyle.
    • Your personality and your socializing habits will significantly affect your decision for a new home. Do you want to live in the thick of things or do you prefer to get away from it all? Depending on your answer, your home selection criteria will become more defined. Be sure to tell your Real Estate Agent so he/she can gather community information and take this into consideration at the forefront of your home search.



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